About the game

What's Chaos Guns?

Chaos Guns is a brand new game for the Amiga. The easiest way to describe would be to imagine a mixture of Chaos Engine and Alien Breed in one - top down view, fused with rpg elements such as inventory and text based dialogues, set in a vast world to explore. The game is gonna be strictly 1 player (story mode) but it's within our plans to explore later the possibility of adding 2nd player support also. What sets our game different from the games it draws inspiration from is not only it's story loaded RPG structure, open world, interactions and inventory but also it's huge planned armory as well as it's unique shoot & melee mechanics.

Why Chaos Guns?

Well, because we love making games and -more importantly- because we love making games FOR the Amiga! It's been a while since any commercial quality game has been released and it's a pity really, given the popularity of the platform and the amazing community.

With Chaos Guns we've set the bar high enough, aiming to make this is as polished as possible, comparable to the fantastic creations released during the golden days of Amiga gaming. The bottom line is to fuse some breath of fresh air to our beloved platform. Isn't that worth trying for? Isn't that worth dying for?

When Chaos Guns?

After two and a half years (early stage development started at the end of 2013) in the making one thing is certain: it will be finished when it's done! We had much hard time and difficulties during the development period but we've proven (first and foremost to our selves) that our resolve and will is quite resistant! Making any commercial game is by no means an easy job (especially when it's done at your spare time), so we'll do our best to keep up! Just follow our blog to see, how the game changed and evolved since beginning.

How much for Chaos Guns?

This will be resolved in due time, close to the release date or once we've secured a finalised engine that will enable us to finish the game. It's within our plans to go for a digital release as well as a boxed version but the details are not yet decided. Once we're ready for such a move, we'll make the appropriate announcements here at our blog or social media. Be sure to follow the news!

Minimum hardware requirement?

The team has set performance as a top priority but the specifics are yet to be seen. Current ASM demo version (work in progress) requires only some fast ram (+4 MB) and will run on ANY classic Amiga. Those specs are likely to be changed in the future and as the game evolves, requiring some extra processing power for full frame rate (you can expect 020).

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