Friday, 22 April 2016

Backbone prototype demo released!

Dear fans of Chaos Guns,
while we are polishing and improving our demo in GGC engine, we decided to release Tsak's Chaos Guns prototype Backbone demo just to get a sneak peak on our new work. This prototype doesn't represent final product in terms of performance or content.

It comes in 3 versions (A,B and C) depending on the size of the viewscreen (version A has the biggest screen size).

Get the full pack here (all 3 versions included).

Or you can download individual versions here:
Version A
Version B
Version C

Extract the contents of the *.lha archive at your hard-drive. You'll need nearly 12 MB free for the whole pack or 4 MB for each version individually.

Minimum requirements:
A1200 + 030 + 4 MB FAST + HDD

A1200 + 040 + 4 MB FAST + HDD
UAE 020 and up with "fastest possible" option enabled (if you have a fast system, to avoid unwanted "speedups" use "JIT" disabled, "more compatible" option enabled and no FPU).

Note: These requirements are quite high due to Backbone itself, we would like to assure you, that GGC engine is far less demanding, more like original Alien Breed with extra RAM usage.

You can play with joystick, keyboard or cd32 joypad!

Let us know your opinion!

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