Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Show must go on!

Hi guys,
just short update - we are still looking for coder, preferably for the Amiga, but we are open even for Windows developers, or GameMaker creators etc. We created too much content just to give up! Do not hesitate to contact us.
Dalibor Javorcek was able to deliver very nice alpha version of new engine, however his free time is very limited, so he couldn't join our team - which is fully understandable. At least we know, that there are ways, how to make this game running with decent framerate on real Amiga hardware. But that's not enough.
We have contacted few more guys from Amiga community via EAB forum, but no response was given yet.
In latest Amiga Future Magazine you can read nice preview from Graham Humprey.
I would like to asure you, that we are actively pursuing new opportunities, how to make this game reality.

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