Tuesday, 1 July 2014

NEW DEMO v1.2 Released!

After collecting first feedback from EAB, PPA.PL and AmigaPortal.cz, we made some serious changes in our demoversion. Please, download latest release here: ChaosGunsDemoV1_2.lha (5.2 MB) (and this time virus free ;).

Fully detailed changelog would be really long, but main changes are:

- PREFS are improved and integrated to main executable, it offers more transparent settings and testing
- only AHI sound is now supported!
- new graphics, new design of puzzles (it really plays as totally new game on old, but improved map)
- improved design of weapons and enemies
- adjusted difficulty - now you should be able easily beat the demo in one person!
- complete storyboard implementation
- complete gameplay remake

If first release was more or less TECHdemo, this time it's more like a true game, we hope you will enjoy it! Unfortunately, optimalisation is still the issue, so we can only recommend to use 060 processor on real Amiga, or emulator, MorphOS, OS4 machines (and it should work on X1000, according to latest reports!). Still, we are proud of current version of the game and as always, we will surely appreciate any feedback you might give us (while we are aware of framerate issues)!

Thank you for your support!

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