Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Character's introduction - Kajatol

Today's Kajatol is considered to be an obsolete version of support android for universal usage. Basic artificial personality, installed to each unit, should helped to develop skills, virtual emotions and characteristics, requested by customer. It is quite common, that these machines were very often released to freedom by some peace activists ("they virtually think, therefore they virtually are"), however only small amount of these androids were capable of surviving in vast universe. Some of them went crazy, you might remember android version of witch hunts few decades ago. But Kajatol is slightly different. He is a lone wolf, a collector. He just loves shiny things, which he stores in old pre-war bunker on abandoned moon of Arid sun.

He is definitely an adventure type of android. Equipped with sniper rifle, few magazines and repair kits, he loves to search unknown places, just to discover interesting items, archeological treasures and valuable objects. He is not greedy, he prefers uniqueness over simple price. Avoiding direct conflicts, he has tactics of pick'n'run.

There is a rumor, that Kajatol's personality is in fact not artificial - but more likely he was created to be a backup of personality of one of founding members of Trade Federation. That would actually explaining a lot about his manners. Because memory chips of those androids were easily affected by electromagnetic fields, he has partial amnesia and collecting familiar items should help him to recover his memory. At least this is what he thinks.

While human race can live up to hundred years without being exceptional, Kajatol was designed to live for 50 years exactly. That's his biggest mystery, how he was able to overwrite his hardware limitation? He is nine years older, then his creators defined, how is that possible? Even that he is aware, that "something is wrong", he doesn't really care. Do you?

Kajatol is weird android, one of his kind. From player's perspective, he is useless in close combat, even on short distance he is not a best soldier to choose. But on long range, he can provide valuable support and create nice tense on the battlefield.

P.S.: Our concept artist Drokk decided to draw this character in digital format only, so it will be not possible to buy limited edition with hand-drawned concept art of Kajatol.

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