Monday, 16 June 2014

Happy New Year '14

Do you remember that good old times, when the game on five floppy disks seemed to be unbelieviable huge? When illegal copying of games over from friends was normal? When there was almost no person in the world with virus-free computer? Of course that this is little exaggerated, but you surely know, what I mean, right? Well, nowadays, after interenet boom, classic viruses are mostly gone, we are no longer using "anti-virus" software, but "protection software" against Trojans and similar scum. When was the last time, I hade to desinfect my computer? I remember it was in mid ninetees, when my 386 machine was attacked by popular OneHalf. On the Amiga - at that time - I didn't even had an harddrive, so I never really payed attention - actually, back then, I didn't even knew, that there are antivirus application on the Amiga.

Strangely enough, it was actually my emulator, who brought a virus into a game. I have this WinUAE configuration isolated, strictly for Chaos Guns, what makes me wonder, what is the source of infection.

I clearly remember my surprise, when I have seen my friend's (hello Kvin! ;) Amiga, where VirusZ program was in WBLaunch folder. I asked him why? And he told be that wonderful story, that Amiga platform was extremely popular target for virus creators. This was in 1999 and since that I never seen VirusZ again. Why to bother?

Over 300 hundred of infected files! It was clean within few seconds, of course. My personal Amiga was against my expectations absolutely clean (with obvious exception of our demo release file, which was created in emulator).

Well, now in 2014, I just did my biggest faux pas ever, by releasing INFECTED DEMOVERSION OF OUR GAME (infected filename BlazeWCP)! This terrible issue should have never happen and I can't apologise enough! Of course, that current LHA package is cleaned, so you don't have to worry now. If you have downloaded mentioned file earlier, I strongly recommend to redownload it and delete old archive. Or just use some VirusZ-like application. It's very easy to use (and it can disinfect files while scanning as well, truly Amiga powered software)!

I was shocked by SMS sent to me by Předseda yesterday afternoon, that ModRobert from EAB discovered classic virus Happy New Year 96 inside our demo. Situation was normal in few hours, thank you guys for great work! You have my promise, that from today, I will run VirusZ every day! Or at least once a week.

On the other hand - we wanted to recreate good old Amiga spirit, right? ;)

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