Monday, 9 June 2014

Good news, bad news, great news

I love those statistics, published by game developers after game release, how many coffee they have drinked, how many keyboards were smashed by anger or how many hair were lost. I'm proud to announce, that for Chaos Guns we already have at least one amazing statistics. How many kids were born during development: 1.

On 5th June, my first daughter LibuĊĦe was born, 3.3 kg, 50 cm, perfectly healthy. I'm so happy!

However, planned date for labour was 12th June, so you may easily figure out, that this wonderful ocassion is actually a good cause for delay of our release. Last four days I'm at hospital, day and night, helping my wife with everything. Actually even this blogpost is written at the hospital.

Picture above is NOT staged - this is how I actually work now. It's little bit more complicated, but at least I'm in touch with MarK, Tsak and Nooly, while playtesting and polishing the demo.

I think it's almost tradition to delay of release of any piece of software for Amiga. To keep this "true Amiga spirit", we have no other option then to ask you politely for few more days of patience, to be more specific - Friday 13th June is set as release date of Chaos Guns demo. I truly believe, that this extra time will alow us to present you finished product. We apologise for this delay and hope, that you will stay with us.

Because what I can see now - this 99% finished piece - is really great fun to play!

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