Friday, 13 June 2014

Chaos Guns Demo released!

It's finally here! With little delay, but finally here! Prepare your Amigas (with at least 040 accelerator, optimisation in the demo is not finished, so on 030 expect unplayable speed performance) or even better 060 (or WinUAE). Read readme.txt below and when ready - DOWNLOAD (LHA) the demo (4,8 MB)!

Feel free to leave us any comment, impressions or another feedback, we surely will appreciate it!

Thank you for your patience, enjoy and share!


Release Friday 13th 2014

Install info:

Unpack, run PREFS and set your configuration (it will be saved in S:).
Before finally starting a game, please run BlazeC2P (see "support" folder)
to get higher performance!
To hear the music during intro/outro, you have to have dbplayer.library
installed in LIBS: - just copy it over from "support" folder.
Then start the demo (normal or AHI sound)!

Tech info:

Minimal configuration: Amiga 1200, 030 accelerator, 16 MB RAM. At least 040 highly recomended.
There are MANY known issues with the demo, it's still work in progress,
optimalisation is not finished yet, so recommended is to use 060 accelerator.


Up to 4 joysticks (one FIRE button) via splitter
Keyboard 1: Arrow keys + RSHIFT
Keyboard 2: WSAD keys + LSHIFT
Switch characters: LAmiga or RAmiga
(depends on which player selects which characters)

Pressing FIRE will cycle three modes of your character.
Full cycle (three times FIRE) will automatically reloads
your primary (and ONLY your primary) weapon.

MINI-MENU contains four shortcuts:
UP = pick up object beneath you
LEFT = swap primary weapon
DOWN = access inventory
RIGHT = nothing ;)

INVENTORY is controlled by four directions of your joystick or keyboard:
UP = equip or use item
DOWN = drop item
LEFT + RIGHT = move items in respective direction
FIRE = quits inventory to WALK mode, including reload of your primary weapon

HELP button should show you summary of control scheme anytime during play.
P or ESC will pause the game. Press ESC again to quit to main menu.

Full game info:

Game will feature seven dungeons, one vast overground (cca 2 square kilometers)
to get lost in.
All players are fully independent, they can leave the game or join any time.
Each of twelve characters has it's own individual goal, which is finishable
in single player mode, while main story is designed for cooperative multiplayer.
However friendly fire can turn game easily to survival deathmatch.


Dave de Sade - design, graphics
MarK - code
Tsak - graphics, level design
Nooly - music, sounds

Hevo - fullscreen images
Jack3D, Predseda - additional graphics
Drokk - concept art

MarK's note:
Due to lots of internal changes in last few weeks/days there are some graphical
problems, like missing shadows in places, where they should be, this is the
code problem, not the gfx itself. There is still lots of work to be done. Right
now the game is almost impossible to play under 030 due to speed problems, this
will change in future, the full game should run on 030 quite smooth. The game
misses lots of optimisations, there simply wasn't enough time.
The game is developed under MorphOS 3.5 in PowerD v0.40, and it's pretty
unstable, if You have more powerfull machine (like uae or MorphOS) try the ahi
version, it uses 8 channels for sounds, the non ahi version plays via
audio.device, and uses only 1 channel right now, but hey, it's just techdemo
so You can see, we are working on it hard :) no more talking needed, let's
play :)

Visit us and leave feedback at !

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