Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Demo release date announced - 10th June!

Nine months ago, I had a plan, that if I would work for Chaos Guns one hour per day, it should take me around 280 days to finish the game with planned size. In my mind, I have set a release date for July-August 2014, to present finished game on OldSchool Amiga party, which I'm throwing every year in my hometown. Since that time, lot of things changed. With more than few people onboard, I have to say it was mainly Tsak's (our main graphics guy) achievement to set a quality level much, much higher, then I was personally aiming at. But I'm glad, because now I'm much more confident about whole "Amiga feel" of the game. With that said, it is clear now, that this year it is very unprobable, that we will release a final product.

In the meantime, I would like to present a demoversion for you guys. So we decided to set a hard date - 10th June 2014, to release a demo playable in 1-4 players, 1 complete dungeon.

To fulfill my role of team leader, I would like to be fair to you guys, to manage your expectations accordingly. Release of demoversion is not motivated only by willing to show you, what we are capable of, what we are aiming at. We would like to also gather some general feedback. Even now I have to say, that playing on real Amiga with 030 isn't that much fun due low framerate, I can only recommend WinUAE or 060 turbocard or MorphOS, to fully enjoy the demo. There is still lot of space for optimisation, so I dare to say that full game will be playable on 030 as well, that is part of our goal!

List of fixes is quite long, but at least we know, what has to be done now and 3 weeks should be enough - hopefully we will have enough of spare time.

We will surely appreciate any feedback you might give us!

I don't want to spoil you anything more regarding the content, so just prepare your Amigas and oil your joysticks!

P.S.: I'm also preparing an article about progression of improvements of our game, since very beginning until current state - I think when you see it, you will understand, why we decided to move release of final game to "TBA 2015".

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