Monday, 12 May 2014

Character introduction - Big Mama

A massive piece of flesh, barely walking, rotten muscles, oozing with fat - and it claims to be a woman. A creature, you would not like to share a dark room with. In fact you would not want to be in a lit room; or the same town! Unfortunately it is  not your choice - Big Mama - this big, mutated chunk of meat, filled with grudges and gall - is already here, with only one  purpose and goal in mind. To kill everything that moves.

Obviously this plan is much more sophisticated - walking around and killing people is actually the execution, but even this almost immortal body cannot do it by itself. So she is just traveling around, gathering forces and slowly killing random space colonies, merchant's caravans and she is also attacking pirates or imperial forces, which are too far away to call for help. Big Mama has become a myth, a tale, which is used to explain the loss of some expeditions. Big Mama took them. Not many people believes that it is a real person.

She has however, no higher intentions, like to put down emperor or some such crusade. She just enjoy all that killing and when she gets bored, she will just  wipe out her current party and estabilish a new one at different planet. Because she is not really sharing her history and background; and because she is not as  famous as some familiar star killers, her tactics works surprisingly well. From time to time you might have heard that some hunters finally put down Big Mama, but don't trust the stories, she will come back.

Big Mama is obviously the best killing machine, you can get in Chaos Guns. Her body is designed to survive in the  heart of battle, in extreme radiation and she is almost imunne to most  poisons or drugs. But she is damn slow, so you have a chance to run away, just to tell the story of your own survival. Some say that she can regenerate from the  dead bodies of her enemies, but this may just be hearsay.

She was born 87 years ago on SOL Space Station, but it's hard to say, if being literaly cut  from an  unsuccesful genetic experiment and later mutated to her current form would be called a birth. 

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