Friday, 4 April 2014

Character introduction - PDP-1 CIM

CIM corporation isn't famous only because of their battle robots and 'mechs. They are also providing various types of supporting robots for mining colonies, medical units or explorers and scouts. One of their newest type - PDP-1 CIM was designed to explore deepest places in the universe, to discover new chemical substances. Actually it's really simple carrier unit, able to survive in extreme temperatures or radiation, to bring back newly founded elements safely to scientist's laboratory.

You can find these robots almost in every corner of universe, it has it's own AI unit, however in case it finds something suspicious, which AI cannot handle, it will automaticaly send a signal and switch to manual mode. PDP-1 CIM is controlled remotely, because investigation of surface of N-6981 revealed possibility of brand new element.

Truth is, that earth of Nausen are natural container for many rare elements, some of them are unique - but from scientific point of view not interesting or unusable. However, after a short nuclear war, high temperatures and pressures might easily change the structure of rare elements to create something new, heavy and very valuable. At least for scientists. And that fullfills the purpose of our hero.

PDP-1 CIM is a story driven character. You as a player are obliged not only to discover particle of new element, but apart from that, you might be curious, who is really controlling remotely your robot. What is the motivation of this mystery person? Why it shows up right with the others? How exactly will this unit return to it's master?

This one year old carriage unit build on Tesseract was designed to carry lot of stuff, so even if it's not natural fighter, it can hold lot of guns. From cooperation point of view, PDP-1 could be used by other players as a carrier - it could remind you the Luggage from Discworld ;). I hope you will enjoy playing this character.

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