Friday, 7 March 2014

Singleplayer mode announced!

Mockup screenshot with actual ingame graphics, made by Tsak.

Hi guys, I think I've got some good news for most of you. Chaos Guns is primarily a multiplayer / party game. But as not everybody has enough fellow amigans around as we have, we decided to modify the concept of the game slightly. What you can expect is, that each character can now succesfully finish their own goal - at least. And with 12 characters to choose from, I think it is a nice portion of game accessible for single player. Also - while controlling only one guy, viewport will be expanded to full screen.

We are currently evaluating an idea about controlling the team of characters by one player. There are some options - switchting between characters (via keyboard shorcut), controlling them in each independent viewport or maybe we will make possible to "merge" characters into one, as traditional JRPG are doing this. I think, that at the end, player can select his own prefered way, allowing other players to join and leave the game anytime during game session. But again - this will be investigated further, to deliver best gaming experience possible.

Full beauty of Chaos Guns is hidden within cooperation of four characters - so the main storyline or side quests  will be revealed only partialy, when you control less then 4 characters. As controlling 4 guys with one joystick might be cumbersome, we have to figure out ideal settings first - it will be clarified later.

Important notice - in the demoversion there will be no fullscreen mode and you have to have at least two characters, to finish it. Announcment above is only for full version of the game.

I hope that this is exciting news for you, feel free to share and post comments.

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