Monday, 17 February 2014

Character introduction - Draina

Coming from long line of cybernetics mages, Draina is a perfectly designed all-purpose support android. She might be not the most powerful on the  battlefield, however if you are looking for backup,she is not a bad choice. While she is not unique among her kind - she is basicaly a soldier from a small  cloned army - her task is superb. Because her creators already have to cutting edge technology, Draina was selected to gather the  most advanced alien technology, which could push the evolution of advanced replicants forward. While Draina explores the  known universe, she discovers a chemical trail ofan  abandoned ship. And therefore one day, she descends to the surface of the  planet N-6981, to find out remains of... something. And she doesn't know yet, what she is to become a part of. Her spaceship just landed.

Draina is a character inspired by P. K. Dick's replicants or androids from my favourite novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, well known as Blade Runner. A purely synthetic body, almost unrecognisable from a human being, it truly fulfills the premise of "more human than human" the mantra of  Tyrrells' corporation. She looks like normal woman, but she is faster, stronger and definitely more durable, then the average human. And smarter, of course ;).

Her quest is to gather a few pieces of alien technology, assumingly coming froman abandoned or crashed alien ship. Draina is equiped with a chem-trail radar system, which will lead her to an aproximate area, where she can look more closely. While she is heavily focused on  exploring, there might be others, who are interested in the same thing as she is. So yes, there is a probability, that somebody else will take your chance to succesfully finish her mission. How to deal with it, I will leave to you.  

She claims to be 29 years old, but even she is aware of the fact, that her real age only few weeks, counting from activation date.

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