Monday, 17 February 2014

Character introduction - Draina

Coming from long line of cybernetics mages, Draina is a perfectly designed all-purpose support android. She might be not the most powerful on the  battlefield, however if you are looking for backup,she is not a bad choice. While she is not unique among her kind - she is basicaly a soldier from a small  cloned army - her task is superb. Because her creators already have to cutting edge technology, Draina was selected to gather the  most advanced alien technology, which could push the evolution of advanced replicants forward. While Draina explores the  known universe, she discovers a chemical trail ofan  abandoned ship. And therefore one day, she descends to the surface of the  planet N-6981, to find out remains of... something. And she doesn't know yet, what she is to become a part of. Her spaceship just landed.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

World creating process

Chaos Guns are set in a vast world on a distant planet, but it is not a secret, that I took inspiration from real enviroment of the planet Earth. Whole game can be divided in two parts - countryside and dungeons. To give you an idea, how designing and creating process look like, I have decided to write a short article. Let's start with dungeons.

Dungeons are designed manually. It all starts on the paper - I have to draw overall design, define size, number of floors, doors, walls etc. For each of seven dungeons I have already a list of puzzles and other details prepared in the main design document, so on the paper I'm preparing boundaries. When I'm happy with the draft, I start to implement objects and also I have to make decision of wall types and floor types. At the end, I have a list of objects, including sizes. This list then goes to our online Google Docs table, so the guys responsible for graphics can start to do their magic. This is how one floor of demo dungeon looks like on paper (it's not final version by the way):