Thursday, 30 January 2014

Character introduction - Rachael

Rachael was born on the planet of New Europe to parents of political power, 32 years ago. Her parents, both senators of the old republic, introduced her early to the intrigue of the inner cirlces of political power. Over her formative years exposure to the intrigues and plottings of the political warped  her morality and view of life. As with all things times changed and the movement of the malfeasant and foul lawmakers forced the imprisonment and eventual execution of her parents. What was little known even to those at the very top was the level of corruption shown by her parents was beyond that of even the most nefarious powerbrokers of the time. Consequently it was near impossible to accuse or hold them in judgement.

It was Rachael who finally initiated the ripple of change, by supplying testimony and proof, that would eventually become a wave of evidence against their unscrupulousness and venality. Ultimatley it was Rachael who compelled their deaths. She became an assasin believing that righteous death was the only way to truly instigate change.

Over the years her reputation grew. She was from a powerful family and was accepted by many in the halls of influence. A useful tool able to extract the dangerous and unpopular from the annals of history. Serving the greater good with the calculating coldness of a keen blade. Rachael failed to see (or chose to ignore) that there was always someone in the background, puppetmasters pulling the strings.

Finally even this came to an end. Rachael was accused of murder; the murder of the head senator which set into motion a chain of events supporting opposition to the joining of the Empire. Rachael does not deny her guilt rather the results of her actions were meant to be different. Through panic during the escape she mistyped her destination coordinates into  the teleporter...

Now this tall, dark haired specialist of the blade is standing near a forest on an unknown planet. Low on equipment, her sword, ever faithful hangs by her side but other than this she has nothing.She wants  revenge but before this she must escape this strange planet and more than this, she must survive it.  

Rachael is interesting character to play with. With moderate speed, agility and above average fighting capabilities, she starts the game totaly empty handed, with exception of her sword. That leads me to important point - all of the characters are having some kind of default close-range weapon, which you cannot destroy, drop or loose. However, kills with this weapon will give your character less experience points. In case of the Rachael's sword, it is very powerfull weapon, so sometimes it will save you from certain death, but you can't level up the character so quickly.

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