Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Show must go on!

Hi guys,
just short update - we are still looking for coder, preferably for the Amiga, but we are open even for Windows developers, or GameMaker creators etc. We created too much content just to give up! Do not hesitate to contact us.
Dalibor Javorcek was able to deliver very nice alpha version of new engine, however his free time is very limited, so he couldn't join our team - which is fully understandable. At least we know, that there are ways, how to make this game running with decent framerate on real Amiga hardware. But that's not enough.
We have contacted few more guys from Amiga community via EAB forum, but no response was given yet.
In latest Amiga Future Magazine you can read nice preview from Graham Humprey.
I would like to asure you, that we are actively pursuing new opportunities, how to make this game reality.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

We've come a long way, baby

From early alpha version, we grew up to expectations and released demo (actually two demoversions, if you like). Almost after almost a year of hard work, our main and only coder MarK decided to leave the project. As he would describe it, it's his time to move forward with his own life, to be not stuck in a past. This shocking news is sad on multiple levels. First of all, Amiga community just lost a wonderful member. Secondly - we can't continue with development in current direction. As you probably know, Chaos Guns are written in PowerD language, which is quite unique and basically there are not so many human beings around, who could pick up MarK's work and continue. If this would happen to me anytime in a past, I would just simply give up.

But not this time!

There are many idioms describing, how tougher times will prove be actually an advantage for you. That which does not kill us makes us stronger. It's my motto, so it's motto of Chaos Guns as well.

Yes, we are officially looking for a new coder.
Before you send me a message "I will do it for you", allow me to update you on this on, just to give you a full picture of what we are dealing with.

Last three weeks I have spent most of my time by pursuing new programmer. I started by contacting people around Amiga E language, as this is most similar langunage to PowerD. I was really surprised, that even after that many years there are still relatively live communities and mailing lists. Via Wikipedia I have found some names - author of Amiga E - Wouter van Oorterssen. He replied, but apologies, that this is out of his scope. Similar reponses were given by Leif Salomonsson and Tomasz Wiszkowski - both gave thumbs up to our project, but unfortunately they cannot board our team due obvious reasons. I also contacted Etienne Marais, but no response so far. Nevertheless, that was just beginning.

Very usefull insight was provided by Chris Handley, who eventually recommended me to contact Samuel Crow, author of port of Total Chaos games (nice coincidence with Chaos Guns name, huh?). Discussion with Samuel was very usefull and we finally moved somewhere.

The situation is - existing PowerD code could be "somehow" translated to AmigaE, which would allow to continue with project with relatively cosmetic changes. However, to do so, it would require a real manpower, because current PowerD source code has more than 10.000 lines!

From the very beginning, Chaos Guns meant to be a project, which is created in truly indie environment. However without MarK, we must think about alternatives. Samuel had a very good point, that porting game to AmigaE would allow us to port it with ease to multiple platforms as Windows, AROS, OS4 (thanks to Chris Handley's PortablE convertor!) and probably some more. It means, that our target audience would be MUCH bigger, therefore there would be real potential to start crowdsourcing campaing, leading eventualy to rasing enough money to pay professional coder.

So that was the question, which I was facing. Is it time to move project to whole new level, which I was not originally planning?

Hell yes.

I mean - I wanted to test my own skills of managing team, developing a game. If we couldn't find any suitable Amiga coder, moving forward to IndieGoGo campaing, allowing us to bring very same game to wider audience, would be certainly a way we shall go!

Because Samuel doesn't like idea of being only coder of the project, which I fully understand and support, I'm currently still looking for more guys like him, so we can create cooperating team again and continue with working. We will surely appreciate any recommendatation on this matter.

But that's still not all.

Within Czech and Slovak Amiga community, I know a few guys, which I contacted as well. To make long story short - Dalibor Javorcek was so kind and wrote skeleton of brand new engine written in C (and assembler) language! While his engine uses chunky graphics, it is VERY smooth (20+ fps) on real Amiga 060 (and probably around 15 on 030 with extra RAM). I can't express my happiness to see this working! The engine from Dalibor doesn't support any switches or enemies (yet?), so it's very static - but it works, which proves my point - there most certainly IS a way forward.

Still - no definitive solition was find, Samuel nor Dalibor didn't signed up yet. MarK's current engine supports around 85% of wanted functionality, while being strongly unoptimised. It can do things, which were never done on the Amiga before (multiple levels at the same time and very very HUGE levels!) So AmigaE is one possibility, which would allow us to port game to "outside world". But it's a tough goal, which I cannot really comment, as I'm not a coder by myself. Having brand new engine seems to be best way to fulfill our dreams, but it's not easy task as well.

Other option would be to optimise the content of the game itself - to cut exteriors in halves (or more), to minimise interactive elements to bare bones. I mean - if anybody would be able to write engine, we should definitely discuss, what kind of sacrifices could be made! Do not hesitate to contact us via website or Google+ or EAB or email!

Still not done!

In the meantime, Tsak started to experiment with GameMaker, with imported original graphics and so far, he made impressive progrees. It's in very early stage, but our in game Drokk guy is running around and shooting. His experimenting lead me to consideration of other existing engines as well. One of the option would be BOH - which is also available on the Amiga. Other option could be to use an engine of fantastic game Teleglitch - but that would mean no Amiga version and slightly different playstyle.

Even if MarK left us, game is everything but dead. At this moment it's very hard to give you more specific updates on content, because all our focus is currently on engine and coders. I'm sure that we will succeed! Thank you for your support!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

NEW DEMO v1.2 Released!

After collecting first feedback from EAB, PPA.PL and, we made some serious changes in our demoversion. Please, download latest release here: ChaosGunsDemoV1_2.lha (5.2 MB) (and this time virus free ;).

Fully detailed changelog would be really long, but main changes are:

- PREFS are improved and integrated to main executable, it offers more transparent settings and testing
- only AHI sound is now supported!
- new graphics, new design of puzzles (it really plays as totally new game on old, but improved map)
- improved design of weapons and enemies
- adjusted difficulty - now you should be able easily beat the demo in one person!
- complete storyboard implementation
- complete gameplay remake

If first release was more or less TECHdemo, this time it's more like a true game, we hope you will enjoy it! Unfortunately, optimalisation is still the issue, so we can only recommend to use 060 processor on real Amiga, or emulator, MorphOS, OS4 machines (and it should work on X1000, according to latest reports!). Still, we are proud of current version of the game and as always, we will surely appreciate any feedback you might give us (while we are aware of framerate issues)!

Thank you for your support!

Character's introduction - Kajatol

Today's Kajatol is considered to be an obsolete version of support android for universal usage. Basic artificial personality, installed to each unit, should helped to develop skills, virtual emotions and characteristics, requested by customer. It is quite common, that these machines were very often released to freedom by some peace activists ("they virtually think, therefore they virtually are"), however only small amount of these androids were capable of surviving in vast universe. Some of them went crazy, you might remember android version of witch hunts few decades ago. But Kajatol is slightly different. He is a lone wolf, a collector. He just loves shiny things, which he stores in old pre-war bunker on abandoned moon of Arid sun.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Happy New Year '14

Do you remember that good old times, when the game on five floppy disks seemed to be unbelieviable huge? When illegal copying of games over from friends was normal? When there was almost no person in the world with virus-free computer? Of course that this is little exaggerated, but you surely know, what I mean, right? Well, nowadays, after interenet boom, classic viruses are mostly gone, we are no longer using "anti-virus" software, but "protection software" against Trojans and similar scum. When was the last time, I hade to desinfect my computer? I remember it was in mid ninetees, when my 386 machine was attacked by popular OneHalf. On the Amiga - at that time - I didn't even had an harddrive, so I never really payed attention - actually, back then, I didn't even knew, that there are antivirus application on the Amiga.

Strangely enough, it was actually my emulator, who brought a virus into a game. I have this WinUAE configuration isolated, strictly for Chaos Guns, what makes me wonder, what is the source of infection.

I clearly remember my surprise, when I have seen my friend's (hello Kvin! ;) Amiga, where VirusZ program was in WBLaunch folder. I asked him why? And he told be that wonderful story, that Amiga platform was extremely popular target for virus creators. This was in 1999 and since that I never seen VirusZ again. Why to bother?

Over 300 hundred of infected files! It was clean within few seconds, of course. My personal Amiga was against my expectations absolutely clean (with obvious exception of our demo release file, which was created in emulator).

Well, now in 2014, I just did my biggest faux pas ever, by releasing INFECTED DEMOVERSION OF OUR GAME (infected filename BlazeWCP)! This terrible issue should have never happen and I can't apologise enough! Of course, that current LHA package is cleaned, so you don't have to worry now. If you have downloaded mentioned file earlier, I strongly recommend to redownload it and delete old archive. Or just use some VirusZ-like application. It's very easy to use (and it can disinfect files while scanning as well, truly Amiga powered software)!

I was shocked by SMS sent to me by Předseda yesterday afternoon, that ModRobert from EAB discovered classic virus Happy New Year 96 inside our demo. Situation was normal in few hours, thank you guys for great work! You have my promise, that from today, I will run VirusZ every day! Or at least once a week.

On the other hand - we wanted to recreate good old Amiga spirit, right? ;)

Friday, 13 June 2014

Chaos Guns Demo released!

It's finally here! With little delay, but finally here! Prepare your Amigas (with at least 040 accelerator, optimisation in the demo is not finished, so on 030 expect unplayable speed performance) or even better 060 (or WinUAE). Read readme.txt below and when ready - DOWNLOAD (LHA) the demo (4,8 MB)!

Feel free to leave us any comment, impressions or another feedback, we surely will appreciate it!

Thank you for your patience, enjoy and share!


Release Friday 13th 2014

Install info:

Unpack, run PREFS and set your configuration (it will be saved in S:).
Before finally starting a game, please run BlazeC2P (see "support" folder)
to get higher performance!
To hear the music during intro/outro, you have to have dbplayer.library
installed in LIBS: - just copy it over from "support" folder.
Then start the demo (normal or AHI sound)!

Tech info:

Minimal configuration: Amiga 1200, 030 accelerator, 16 MB RAM. At least 040 highly recomended.
There are MANY known issues with the demo, it's still work in progress,
optimalisation is not finished yet, so recommended is to use 060 accelerator.


Up to 4 joysticks (one FIRE button) via splitter
Keyboard 1: Arrow keys + RSHIFT
Keyboard 2: WSAD keys + LSHIFT
Switch characters: LAmiga or RAmiga
(depends on which player selects which characters)

Pressing FIRE will cycle three modes of your character.
Full cycle (three times FIRE) will automatically reloads
your primary (and ONLY your primary) weapon.

MINI-MENU contains four shortcuts:
UP = pick up object beneath you
LEFT = swap primary weapon
DOWN = access inventory
RIGHT = nothing ;)

INVENTORY is controlled by four directions of your joystick or keyboard:
UP = equip or use item
DOWN = drop item
LEFT + RIGHT = move items in respective direction
FIRE = quits inventory to WALK mode, including reload of your primary weapon

HELP button should show you summary of control scheme anytime during play.
P or ESC will pause the game. Press ESC again to quit to main menu.

Full game info:

Game will feature seven dungeons, one vast overground (cca 2 square kilometers)
to get lost in.
All players are fully independent, they can leave the game or join any time.
Each of twelve characters has it's own individual goal, which is finishable
in single player mode, while main story is designed for cooperative multiplayer.
However friendly fire can turn game easily to survival deathmatch.


Dave de Sade - design, graphics
MarK - code
Tsak - graphics, level design
Nooly - music, sounds

Hevo - fullscreen images
Jack3D, Predseda - additional graphics
Drokk - concept art

MarK's note:
Due to lots of internal changes in last few weeks/days there are some graphical
problems, like missing shadows in places, where they should be, this is the
code problem, not the gfx itself. There is still lots of work to be done. Right
now the game is almost impossible to play under 030 due to speed problems, this
will change in future, the full game should run on 030 quite smooth. The game
misses lots of optimisations, there simply wasn't enough time.
The game is developed under MorphOS 3.5 in PowerD v0.40, and it's pretty
unstable, if You have more powerfull machine (like uae or MorphOS) try the ahi
version, it uses 8 channels for sounds, the non ahi version plays via
audio.device, and uses only 1 channel right now, but hey, it's just techdemo
so You can see, we are working on it hard :) no more talking needed, let's
play :)

Visit us and leave feedback at !

Monday, 9 June 2014

Good news, bad news, great news

I love those statistics, published by game developers after game release, how many coffee they have drinked, how many keyboards were smashed by anger or how many hair were lost. I'm proud to announce, that for Chaos Guns we already have at least one amazing statistics. How many kids were born during development: 1.

On 5th June, my first daughter Libuše was born, 3.3 kg, 50 cm, perfectly healthy. I'm so happy!

However, planned date for labour was 12th June, so you may easily figure out, that this wonderful ocassion is actually a good cause for delay of our release. Last four days I'm at hospital, day and night, helping my wife with everything. Actually even this blogpost is written at the hospital.

Picture above is NOT staged - this is how I actually work now. It's little bit more complicated, but at least I'm in touch with MarK, Tsak and Nooly, while playtesting and polishing the demo.

I think it's almost tradition to delay of release of any piece of software for Amiga. To keep this "true Amiga spirit", we have no other option then to ask you politely for few more days of patience, to be more specific - Friday 13th June is set as release date of Chaos Guns demo. I truly believe, that this extra time will alow us to present you finished product. We apologise for this delay and hope, that you will stay with us.

Because what I can see now - this 99% finished piece - is really great fun to play!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Demo release date announced - 10th June!

Nine months ago, I had a plan, that if I would work for Chaos Guns one hour per day, it should take me around 280 days to finish the game with planned size. In my mind, I have set a release date for July-August 2014, to present finished game on OldSchool Amiga party, which I'm throwing every year in my hometown. Since that time, lot of things changed. With more than few people onboard, I have to say it was mainly Tsak's (our main graphics guy) achievement to set a quality level much, much higher, then I was personally aiming at. But I'm glad, because now I'm much more confident about whole "Amiga feel" of the game. With that said, it is clear now, that this year it is very unprobable, that we will release a final product.

In the meantime, I would like to present a demoversion for you guys. So we decided to set a hard date - 10th June 2014, to release a demo playable in 1-4 players, 1 complete dungeon.

To fulfill my role of team leader, I would like to be fair to you guys, to manage your expectations accordingly. Release of demoversion is not motivated only by willing to show you, what we are capable of, what we are aiming at. We would like to also gather some general feedback. Even now I have to say, that playing on real Amiga with 030 isn't that much fun due low framerate, I can only recommend WinUAE or 060 turbocard or MorphOS, to fully enjoy the demo. There is still lot of space for optimisation, so I dare to say that full game will be playable on 030 as well, that is part of our goal!

List of fixes is quite long, but at least we know, what has to be done now and 3 weeks should be enough - hopefully we will have enough of spare time.

We will surely appreciate any feedback you might give us!

I don't want to spoil you anything more regarding the content, so just prepare your Amigas and oil your joysticks!

P.S.: I'm also preparing an article about progression of improvements of our game, since very beginning until current state - I think when you see it, you will understand, why we decided to move release of final game to "TBA 2015".

Monday, 12 May 2014

Character introduction - Big Mama

A massive piece of flesh, barely walking, rotten muscles, oozing with fat - and it claims to be a woman. A creature, you would not like to share a dark room with. In fact you would not want to be in a lit room; or the same town! Unfortunately it is  not your choice - Big Mama - this big, mutated chunk of meat, filled with grudges and gall - is already here, with only one  purpose and goal in mind. To kill everything that moves.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Character introduction - PDP-1 CIM

CIM corporation isn't famous only because of their battle robots and 'mechs. They are also providing various types of supporting robots for mining colonies, medical units or explorers and scouts. One of their newest type - PDP-1 CIM was designed to explore deepest places in the universe, to discover new chemical substances. Actually it's really simple carrier unit, able to survive in extreme temperatures or radiation, to bring back newly founded elements safely to scientist's laboratory.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Developer's meeting #2

Yesterday it was a great day! Myself, Nooly and MarK met together, to discuss additional details for music and sound setup of Chaos Guns. In a nutshell - you will hear music only during menu, intro & outros. During the game, audio channels are going to be used exclusively for sound effects and environmental sounds. You can expect some extra samples announcing, when your character level up, find secret area and similar. I was personaly surprised, how many options regarding mixing sounds we have - but of course it costs some computing power as well, so we have to be very carefull. Unfortunately - I'm no musician at all, so can't really properly explain all advanced details. What I can say is, that MorpOS version of the game will use high quality MP3 music, while classic Amiga will use high quality XM ;). Nooly demonstrated on fly differences between formats and I have to say - I was personally really impressed by quality of output.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Singleplayer mode announced!

Mockup screenshot with actual ingame graphics, made by Tsak.

Hi guys, I think I've got some good news for most of you. Chaos Guns is primarily a multiplayer / party game. But as not everybody has enough fellow amigans around as we have, we decided to modify the concept of the game slightly. What you can expect is, that each character can now succesfully finish their own goal - at least. And with 12 characters to choose from, I think it is a nice portion of game accessible for single player. Also - while controlling only one guy, viewport will be expanded to full screen.

We are currently evaluating an idea about controlling the team of characters by one player. There are some options - switchting between characters (via keyboard shorcut), controlling them in each independent viewport or maybe we will make possible to "merge" characters into one, as traditional JRPG are doing this. I think, that at the end, player can select his own prefered way, allowing other players to join and leave the game anytime during game session. But again - this will be investigated further, to deliver best gaming experience possible.

Full beauty of Chaos Guns is hidden within cooperation of four characters - so the main storyline or side quests  will be revealed only partialy, when you control less then 4 characters. As controlling 4 guys with one joystick might be cumbersome, we have to figure out ideal settings first - it will be clarified later.

Important notice - in the demoversion there will be no fullscreen mode and you have to have at least two characters, to finish it. Announcment above is only for full version of the game.

I hope that this is exciting news for you, feel free to share and post comments.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Character introduction - Draina

Coming from long line of cybernetics mages, Draina is a perfectly designed all-purpose support android. She might be not the most powerful on the  battlefield, however if you are looking for backup,she is not a bad choice. While she is not unique among her kind - she is basicaly a soldier from a small  cloned army - her task is superb. Because her creators already have to cutting edge technology, Draina was selected to gather the  most advanced alien technology, which could push the evolution of advanced replicants forward. While Draina explores the  known universe, she discovers a chemical trail ofan  abandoned ship. And therefore one day, she descends to the surface of the  planet N-6981, to find out remains of... something. And she doesn't know yet, what she is to become a part of. Her spaceship just landed.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

World creating process

Chaos Guns are set in a vast world on a distant planet, but it is not a secret, that I took inspiration from real enviroment of the planet Earth. Whole game can be divided in two parts - countryside and dungeons. To give you an idea, how designing and creating process look like, I have decided to write a short article. Let's start with dungeons.

Dungeons are designed manually. It all starts on the paper - I have to draw overall design, define size, number of floors, doors, walls etc. For each of seven dungeons I have already a list of puzzles and other details prepared in the main design document, so on the paper I'm preparing boundaries. When I'm happy with the draft, I start to implement objects and also I have to make decision of wall types and floor types. At the end, I have a list of objects, including sizes. This list then goes to our online Google Docs table, so the guys responsible for graphics can start to do their magic. This is how one floor of demo dungeon looks like on paper (it's not final version by the way):

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Character introduction - Rachael

Rachael was born on the planet of New Europe to parents of political power, 32 years ago. Her parents, both senators of the old republic, introduced her early to the intrigue of the inner cirlces of political power. Over her formative years exposure to the intrigues and plottings of the political warped  her morality and view of life. As with all things times changed and the movement of the malfeasant and foul lawmakers forced the imprisonment and eventual execution of her parents. What was little known even to those at the very top was the level of corruption shown by her parents was beyond that of even the most nefarious powerbrokers of the time. Consequently it was near impossible to accuse or hold them in judgement.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Paypal donations

Hi guys,
we have decided that now it is right time to have the possibility to accept your kind donations. You should see a Donate button below and also on the right side of this blog. We really appreciate any support, as it will motivate us with development I.E buying more beer etc ;). 

Preorders will be opened after we release a demo, which we are working intensively on.

Thank you very much to all of you!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Video update #2

After two months of hard work since last video update, I'm proud to present current status of the development. We are still finalising graphics, sounds, some smaller elements are still missing... but generaly speaking - we made a huge progress!

I have used WinUAE to capture video in full speed, on real Amiga with Blizzard 1260 it has around 20-25 fps, but some optimisation is still needed before demo release. Feel free to post comments!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Brilliant update!

Using original hardware and software is very important for development of Chaos Guns. As you have seen before, Predseda is using classic DPaint IV for the graphics. Arguably the best painting software on Amiga, but I prefer Brilliance. I would like to officialy announce, that our team own original copy, including very sexy hardware key!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Controlling Chaos Guns

One of the most important aspects of any game is to be able to control your character. Chaos Guns is quite complex game - you have opportunity to walk, run, shoot in 8 directions, reload, switch to secondary weapon, change ammo type, pick up and drop items, opening doors, turning switches and equip your characters with tons of guns. I decided to create a control scheme, where you can do everything with single button joystick. Design is heavily inspired by Hired Guns, however, because of different angle of view, there are major changes, which you need to know, before you start playing. I have summarised basic logic below. I hope you will find it interesting.