Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Character introduction - Lizardman

Even before the war, there was a secret laboratory on Gulag, hidden beneath the ground. An imperial scientist was trying to create the ultimate warrior, using cybernetics, genetic manipulation and also irradiation. The results were disgusting, however with the fallout of the war,a few of experiments, who were actualy able to move, escaped and survived in the wilderness. And that's how Lizardman was born. He is merely a overgrown lizard with human genes, with some additional cybernetics holding the whole body in one piece. Technically, he is a mutant so don't really expect him to talk to you - he is definitely more animal then person. Inteligent enough to hold the gun, but still an animal.

Lizardman has only one thing on his mind - reproduction. It would be hard to find a oposite gender for him, as he is totaly unique. But there still is a hope - maybe he could find the secret laboratory and another sample with a compatible genome to copulate with? It's hard to say, what he will  find, but his prime instinct will force him to do it.

It's hard to say, how old Lizardman is, it might be one year or it may be five. If you select him as your hero, please make sure, he doesn't die alone, please.

As you have guessed , this speechless animal is very small, very fast and a very agile mutant with ability to survive under water and also in radioactive areas. His goal is very simple and actualy it's one of few characters, who  can finish the whole quest without interacting with any other player. It doesn't mean it's going to be an easy quest, any help would be appreciated, as Lizardman definitely cannot stand against hordes of enemies, it's just a lizard! Also - no one really knows, where the lab is and no one can guarantee, what he will find there, if anything.  

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