Monday, 30 December 2013

Character introduction - Kendo T-10

Classic magnetic unit with caterpillar tracks, originaly made for surface repairs of spaceships. Today you could say it is obsolote. But this specific unit survived many star battles and after heavy modification, it become very powerful fighting robot. Due upgrade of AI chips it seems (and some actualy believe that) that he has his own inteligence and will. Technicaly speaking it's impossible, however his work and achievements during many wars promoted him to a rank of bodyguard of the Emperor himself. It's a huge success for hundred years old repair unit, don't you think?

Emperor believes in his expertise more than to anybody else. Rumour is, that some archelogist was able to dig up the oldest statue of Nausen race, one of rarest proofs of inteligent life on Gulag planet. This has to be a part of Emperor's collection, however shortly before great war on the planet, archelogist was lost and statue with him. Because of high enviromental risks, Emperor decided to send his trusworthy robot to find a statue and bring it back.

Kendo T-10 is one of the robots you can choose from. His strong armor, high speed and capability to hold many weapons, make him ideal fighter. His task is very simple on paper, but what if he is not only one interested in the statue? Similar to Hired Guns, robots don't need oxygene underwater and they are almost immune to radiation, not mentioning natural resistance to bullets. At the same time, do not expect to see many repair kits in case of any damage, be careful.

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