Monday, 30 December 2013

Character introduction - Kendo T-10

Classic magnetic unit with caterpillar tracks, originaly made for surface repairs of spaceships. Today you could say it is obsolote. But this specific unit survived many star battles and after heavy modification, it become very powerful fighting robot. Due upgrade of AI chips it seems (and some actualy believe that) that he has his own inteligence and will. Technicaly speaking it's impossible, however his work and achievements during many wars promoted him to a rank of bodyguard of the Emperor himself. It's a huge success for hundred years old repair unit, don't you think?

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Character introduction - Lizardman

Even before the war, there was a secret laboratory on Gulag, hidden beneath the ground. An imperial scientist was trying to create the ultimate warrior, using cybernetics, genetic manipulation and also irradiation. The results were disgusting, however with the fallout of the war,a few of experiments, who were actualy able to move, escaped and survived in the wilderness. And that's how Lizardman was born. He is merely a overgrown lizard with human genes, with some additional cybernetics holding the whole body in one piece. Technically, he is a mutant so don't really expect him to talk to you - he is definitely more animal then person. Inteligent enough to hold the gun, but still an animal.

Lizardman has only one thing on his mind - reproduction. It would be hard to find a oposite gender for him, as he is totaly unique. But there still is a hope - maybe he could find the secret laboratory and another sample with a compatible genome to copulate with? It's hard to say, what he will  find, but his prime instinct will force him to do it.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

First developers' meeting

It might sound strange, but after three months of hard work, this was actualy very first time we have met together in person - well most of us. On the picture you can see (from left to right) Dave de Sade, Předseda, Matěj (my son, betatester) and MarK. Nooly was too late, but he shows up after all. And Tsak was invited, but couldn't made it from Greece to Czech Republic that quickly, so he skipped ;). I would like to thank to all of you guys not only for showing up, but also for stunning amount of work we made so far!

Current status - controls works via all 4 joysticks flawlessly, shooting, inventory - works as designed. Doors are opening, sound is sounding, falling down throught a floor works, so we are missing buttons, keys for opening doors and also enemies needs to be polished. I think that we might announce a demoversion soon - no promises at this moment, Christmas time is coming. Demo level is finalised on paper, but some of functionalities are missing. We are still finalising UI and additional graphics, but from my point of view - this could be done in few weeks. Wish us a luck!