Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Story so far...

Planet N-6981, called Nausen, better known as planet Gulag. For centuries it has been said, that you can't find better place to have a prison. A deserted planet in the middle of nowhere. They say, that once you step in, you will never leave. But that is just a legend, as we now know.

The myth goes, that Gulag was the very first planet, where life was born. The fairy tales continues, that once powerfull and superior race of Nausen could  speak with the gods themselves. Just a legend, they say. Why would such a great race disappear?

The year 2710 was very important in the history of Gulag. Archeologists found an old sanctuary, which is believed to have been  built by the Nausen race. The story tore through the universe at a rate unimaginable. Everybody was excited, some more so than others.

Many spaceships arrived to N-6981. Gold diggers, random adventurers, pirates, but also armies of the Empire and Alliance. War was declared. Many died, only a few survived. Nobody really knows, what the sanctuary hides. Some say it's an incredibly worthy treasure, some believe, a new source of energy. Others believe, that gods  still slumber underground. After six months of fighting, a neutron bomb destroyed  most of the planet's surface.

Something strange happened. It would take hundreds years, until the planet healed. Now it is 2713 and planet is habitable again. The Imperial army has returned and archeologists have resumed their work. Nobody is risking another conflict, nobody really believes, that Gulag is hiding anything. Some mad adventurers are risking their lives, but that's it.

Twelve characters arrived to the planet this morning, the stench in the air palpable. If there is a secret, it will be revelead soon.


Numerous events have led up to this point. Again, it was master ****** himself, who has amassed a group of beings, who he wouldn't even call friends. But he needs them. He didn't hire them. He pulled the strings; he started the wave of events and the very end of his plan is finally happening.

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