Monday, 11 November 2013

Character introduction - Skrk

A very rare genetic mutation gave Skrk a second head on his left shoulder. This is an incredible advantage because of his doubled senses, making him a natural born killer from day one, however with two brains there is a risk of schizofrenic decisions. As a hired assassin he was living honest life, until he was involved with the emperor's family. Due to unplanned and unfortunate circumstances, he has interfered with the Emperor himself, giving him only one chance for forgiveness. He has to kill one of his mates, while sent to planet Gulag. That's not an easy task even for such a skillfull killer as Skrk, but to earn Emperor's pardon, he just has to do a job. Hopefully it will be the last thing the Emperor demands.

Skrk was originaly born as human on the Earth, but he left as a very young child, already mutated. He is 35 years old.

One of the first mutants I wanted to design was Skrk. My main inspiration was a hobbit-like person with split personality, he can act as good and evil at the same time. From a gameplay perspective - he is smallest character of all, which makes him very hard to hit. Also he can attack at close range with uncomparable speed and effectiviness. Long range weapons are not his first choice, he prefers to see his target's face before he kills it. Which doesn't necessarily  mean that he cannot burn your brain from your head with laser sniper gun from miles away. As long he can see your face... It just means he would prefer not to.

Skrk's goal is simple - after arrival on Gulag, he has to go to a hidden tunnel to retrieve secret information about his target. The player has to pick up document, open their  inventory and read it, while covering his quarter of the screen with his hand - if he would like to keep it secret (if you have played Knights, you should understand why I made this decision). Don't forget, that other characters could find the secret document instead of Skrk, which makes his task harder... But it doesn't mean he has to do that, every character can effectively finish the game without finishing his private task. That's up to you to decide.

There is a chance, that Skrk's target will be one of his fellow players characters, but even if unsure, he just could kill them all, right? If it's wise decision and if Skrk can then escape Gulag without his companions, this  I cannot guarantee.

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