Monday, 25 November 2013

Character introduction - Clavius

Clavius is one of the few members, of the original Hired Guns team, who survived events after Graveyard incident. If we trust the official documents, there are few unconfirmed deaths, so the only confirmed survivor is Clavius. With a huge fee on his head, he has to hide well and the planet Gulag seems to be a good place to hide.

However, he didn't travel that many light years just to play hide and seek. His new employer, who wished to stay anonymous, is asking him to find a diamond, a worth of  a thousands suns. Clavius does not care, until  the payment is really good. And it is.

Even if he is now 177 years old, you would not guess his age. It's mainly  because of series of cybernetical expansions. But technicaly speaking, he is still  human, born on the planet Monulyth.

The connection between the original Hired Guns and the Chaos Guns is clear - both games are set in the same universe. Naturaly I wanted to have some more connections and Clavius is exactly the character I was looking for. He might not be the most popular one, but everybody remembers him, as he is first in the character selection screen. And we are going to keep the tradition.

From the description above, you might think that his task is really just a fetch quest. Find the diamond, go home and done. Chaos Guns is not that easy, each character has unique tasks and with one exception, they are not simple. What if I tell you, that diamond plays huge role in the main story? And what if I tell you that you have to choose between finishing his quest and finishing the main goal for all four characters? It's up to you, as usual.

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