Thursday, 31 October 2013

Character introduction - Drokk

Drokk is the leader of an anarchist unit called Zigizag. Purpose of existence of this highly trained combat unit is to follow and sabotage imperial army activity. He has fought  in many wars, but he's not really showing it off. His latest attempt to assassinate generalisimo Garkhan wasn't that sucessful. After a  direct attack to an army base on planet Nausen, Drokk found himself surrounded with all of his fellow soldiers dead by a surprise counterattack. Drokk has been senteced to death, waiting for his execution in a deep prison in the middle of the military base.

He is 42 years old, one of the very last humans born on Earth.

Monday, 28 October 2013


Welcome to our developer's blog.

On September 2013 we have started development of a new game for our beloved Amiga computer - named Chaos Guns. Our goal is simple - to bring back the  good old classic playability of games like Chaos Engine, Alien Breed and Hired Guns - mix it togehter and add some extra spice on top.

We would like to inform our fellow Amigans and gamers worldwide about the  progress of our development. Each week there will be one new article, related to the game's background, character introductions,  the story behind the scenes and further revelations of some non playable characters as well. Independently, we will post any major update regarding technology advances, samples of new graphics or even the evolution of the game design mechanics

Later on, we are planning to release our game in a limited boxed edition containing the original artwork - all details will be published on this blog also

Stay tuned,  the storm is coming!